Man set brother’s certificate on fire over 2,000 (Two thousand) Naira

Pius Gentle has got Kabayi Community talking today the 6th of July 2020, when he literally set his younger brothers clothes and certificate ablaze publicly over 2,000 (Two Thousand) Naira.
When Askarifamily reporter arrived the scene and spoke with Mr. Pius Gentle, he said:

” My younger brother (Fabian Pius) has made it a continuous habit of stealing from me and everyone around him without considering what the consequences may be. The best way to show him that it’s is painful to be stolen from someone that has been good to you, is to destroy the available documents. I don’t care if I regret it later”.

Although the accused has denied the accusations, but nearby observer insisted otherwise Saying he is fund of that. He come to visit you at home and you will live to tell the tales in agony.
Further more, Mr. Pius Gentle quote

If a man bites me in the nose and don’t care about catarrh, I will bite him in the anus and not be afraid of Excretes”.
Askarifamily Questions:

  1. What do you think would have been the preferred solution to this?
  2. If you are Mr. Fabian Pius, what will be your reaction?

3 Replies to “Man set brother’s certificate on fire over 2,000 (Two thousand) Naira

  1. I think Mr Pius would hv use d right medium Maybe let d ppls around him to know his next reactions on dis issue burning he certificate was not d best issue dey say their re many way to kill a rat he over reacated
    I would hv reacated so it so bad but not to dix height

  2. Wowwww this is so sadonic and extreme but let me read between the lines putting myself in both shoes.
    Ans1 most times, stealing from someone is very terrible because the victim must have planned to use the money for a dear purpose but just to find out that purpose become unachievable becomes a terrible pain in the neck.
    The best solution might not be to burn the certificate, I partially support burning the certificate.

  3. This is Nigeria where extremity is not frowned upon!!!!! Though it is pure wickedness to steal from another, but on the other hand going all the way to burn his long years achieved documents is like taking him back to the beginning of life itself.

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